Making it more Personal

Is your computer personal enough? How much is too much? A group of talented young people got together to work out how to make Microsoft's technology more personal for you and solve real problems It started with some case studies, challenges, problems present in society around health, wellbeing and aged care. Some of the challenges … Continue reading Making it more Personal


Sunshine, Students and Speeches; CompCon2015 has it all

CompCon2015 kicked off last weekend at the University of Queensland After running from CodeBrew to VT League, jumping on a plane, playing UniGames, staying up all night and catching a train to Brisbane, I found myself at Queensland Uni for the National Computing Students Conference. Did I mention I was MCing this conference? Before I dive into … Continue reading Sunshine, Students and Speeches; CompCon2015 has it all

Hacking up a storm – CodeBrew2015

Last weekend, before having to fly off to UniGames, I headed down to York Butter Factory for yet another hackathon - Melbourne Uni's CISSA ran their first ever solo hackathon! It kicked off with a Design Thinking workshop from the Wade Institute. Michael Vitale spoke about how hackathons bring people together to solve real world problems. … Continue reading Hacking up a storm – CodeBrew2015

What in the world is a hackathon?

Welcome to Hacking 101, first lesson – defining hackathons When someone says the word “hackathon” a few things might come to mind; security, breaking into things, coding, developing… these are some of the buzzwords surrounding this growing phenomenon. Working at so many hackathons over the last few months has allowed me to fully explain what … Continue reading What in the world is a hackathon?