Press Pause

Last week, Melbourne hosted the amazing Pause festival once again! Eight years running now, Pause took 2018 to the next level. With more stages, more sessions, more people, and more to see, it's no wonder there was an incredible buzz all around Federation Square. The festival kicked off on the Tuesday night with the VIP … Continue reading Press Pause


Don’t just look forward

If you only look forward, you'll never know how far you've come My family and I often do lots of hiking trips. This above sentence came to me on one of our many hikes in Australia, Mt Feathertop. It was a long time ago, probably about ten years ago now. But I was reminded of … Continue reading Don’t just look forward

Hackathons and Incubators

Following the success of the #SheHacks hackathon in July, Girl Geek Academy hosted the world's largest female incubator program. Saturday night saw the celebration of the #SheHacks program with a lovely cocktail function; complete with cupcakes of course. After some networking, the formal proceedings of the evening kicked off with Sarah Moran from Girl Geek … Continue reading Hackathons and Incubators