Why isn’t Esports ‘big’ in Australia?

Australia is a great place to be, it's got an amazing sporting culture, so why isn't esports big here? This was a question posed to the industry recently. People are coming in from overseas and seeing how successful esports is there, trying to replicate it, and not getting the same results. So why is it … Continue reading Why isn’t Esports ‘big’ in Australia?

Content is King, Broadcast is Queen

Esports Central - Episode 7 They usually say that content is king, especially in a society that consumes content with every waking moment. If your content isn't the best, what's to stop us from scrolling straight past it onto something more interesting - NOTHING. That's it! If you don't have engaging, interesting content for people … Continue reading Content is King, Broadcast is Queen

Big Australian University hosts major Esports Tournament

Melbourne Uni opened their doors for the Australia Esports Federation’s DOTA 2 Championship The University of Melbourne is known for its prestigious academic achievements and high-ranking sporting titles. As Australia’s number one university, and a number of University Games championships under its belt, it’s interesting therefore that the uni decided to branch out into new … Continue reading Big Australian University hosts major Esports Tournament