Hackathons and Incubators

Following the success of the #SheHacks hackathon in July, Girl Geek Academy hosted the world's largest female incubator program. Saturday night saw the celebration of the #SheHacks program with a lovely cocktail function; complete with cupcakes of course. After some networking, the formal proceedings of the evening kicked off with Sarah Moran from Girl Geek … Continue reading Hackathons and Incubators

Technology Overload!

Unlike overclocking your CPU, overloading your memory with too much tech can be... well, AMAZING! As well as draining. Over the last few weeks, it's been an absolutely crazy ride. There has been so much going on. From my last post on Project Cars 2, I've spoken at the AutoDesk roadshow, been on a panel … Continue reading Technology Overload!

“You better shape up” cause we need some ENERGY

What an electrifying time we had at LAB-14 for MEI & Powershop's Energy Hack 2016 The puns were ablaze, the hashtags were trending, and ideas flew like sparks of electricity. Last weekend, LAB-14 and the Carlton Connect Initiative played host to one of the first energy-focused hackathons. Drawing together the combined power of The University … Continue reading “You better shape up” cause we need some ENERGY

GE breaks into the hackathon scene with industry challenges

Firstly, sorry for the delay in this blog post. Unfortunately my various sporting endeavours took a turn for the worse. That along with Christmas festivities meant I was barely online amongst the mountain of food in our house. All that aside, and without further ado, here’s the low down on the GE hackathon held at … Continue reading GE breaks into the hackathon scene with industry challenges

Innovation is the flavour of the month

From hackathons to startup weekends, innovation announcements and big precincts, it's been a great week in Melbourne for entrepreneurial culture Those of you who were lucky enough to be at Inspire9 on Friday morning would have seen Philip Dalidakis (the Minister for Innovation and Small Business) and heard his $60million LaunchVic startup announcement. Along with … Continue reading Innovation is the flavour of the month

Startup Weekend comes to Melbourne

It's a chance to Learn, Network and Startup your idea Friday night transformed the York Butter Factory into its hackathon vibe as a stream of young, budding entrepreneurs entered the building to pitch their ideas, network with others or simply see what a hackathon is all about. It's the Startup Weekend Melbourne 2015!!! Aaron Birkby from River … Continue reading Startup Weekend comes to Melbourne