You asked it for (did you really?) so here it is; a list of the hackathons in Melbourne. As I’ve said before, there’s so many of these things happening so here’s the ones in the awesome city of Melbourne.

If I’ve missed some important piece of info, or you want to advertise your hackathon, just get in touch – easy as that!

For a full list of hackathons around Australia, check out #HackAus.

Global Legal Hackathon, 23-25 Feb

Running across the world this is your chance to hack out LegalTech ideas with students, business people, law professionals, and like minded individuals to change the legal landscape.
Grand Prize – chance to enter the global stage in New York
Location – Monash University
DetailsGlobal Legal Hack

Startup Weekend, 2-4 Mar

You know what it is! It’s time to start that idea you’ve always dreamed of!
Grand Prize – tonnes of prizes to kick off your idea
Location – York Butter Factory
DetailsStartup Weekend Melbourne

WISE Hacks, 16 Mar

What’s a hackathon and why does it matter? Come along to the info night to find out more before the WISE hackathon kicks off.
Location – The Stables Richmond

Codebrew, 23-25 Mar

CISSA’s Codebrew is back! Focused on IT students, this is a great hackathon to hone your dev skills, meet a tonne of awesome people, and network with industry pros.
Grand Prize – $2,000
Location – UniMelb
DetailsCodebrew 2018

Machine Learning Hackathon, 3-4 Apr

In collaboration with RMIT and Telstra, students are invited to come and hack data, analytics, and machine learning.
Location – RMIT building 98
DetailsAnalytics & ML hack

Incubate Socialpreneurship, 21 Apr

Hackathons are often about making big changes, so why not come and develop sustainable business ideas, and solve big social problems. This one is bound to be amazing!
Location – KPMG
DetailsIncubate Hackathon

The Cross-Border Hackathon, 21-23 Apr

Alibaba Cloud and NAB are joining forces to present a hackathon around Australian and Chinese Business Relationships. Plus win a trip overseas. It’s an API focused hack, with NAB, Alipay, and Alibaba Cloud all up for use.
Grand Prize – $10,000 Cloud credits + all-expenses paid trip to China/Singapore
Location – Goods Shed North
DetailsCross Border

SheHacksGames, 28-29 Apr

It’s the first all-women game jam in Australia! Calling all gamer girls, devs, coders, designers, artists, producers (and really anyone else who is keen on games), get along to this hackathon. It will sell out!
Location – The Arcade
DetailsGirl Geek Academy

DEXathon Melbourne, 4-6 May

Blockchain is a buzz word, so come on down to Melbourne DEXathon to hack out your ideas on blockchain and crypto. This is part of a much bigger hackathon with a USD$1million prize pool up fro grabs.
Grand Prize – $10,000 grant + application submission
Location – Young Husand
DetailsCanYa Binance

Hack the Zoo, 11-12 May

Melbourne Knowledge Week’s brings another hackathon to life. Last year it was the museum, and this year it’s the zoo. Come along to design a better way to connect the community with local threatened species.
Location – Melbourne Zoo

Future of Automotive, 11-13 May

What’s the future of our transport industry? Is it self-driving cars, electric vehicles or something else entirely? Come along for this great weekend of car hacking. Hosted by Startup Vic and GUD.
Grand Prize – $2,000
Location – Creative Cubes
DetailsStartup Victoria

Hack for Change, 12 May

Melbourne Knowledge Week’s Hack for Change is back. In this super fast, one day hackathon, put your skills to the test to develop new ways to build community digital literacy.
Location – General Assembly

Public Safety Hackathon, 13-16 May

Work with Motorola, and collaborate to create solutions to help police officers, paramedics, and other emergency workers.
Location – PwC Melbourne
DetailsMotorola Solutions
Applyemail Motorola Solutions

Random Hacks of Kindness, 2 June

It’s RHoK’s Winter hackathon. Come along to solve real problems. If you’re a changemaker, you can apply right now.
Location – TBA
DetailsMelbourne RHoK

Call for Code, 18 June-31 August

The dates above are just for the hacking part! This is a real developer hackathon and set to be huge. Hack real problems, develop real solutions, and get scouted for real jobs. If you’re passionate about getting a job as a dev, you need to be in this global hackathon.
Grand Prize – $200,000USD + tonnes of opportunities
Location – Online
DetailsIBM Call to Code

Melbourne Datathon, 24 July-26 September

Yep, it’s a long one! The Melbourne datathon is run over a series of smaller events, including the kickoff, two hack days, and then allows you to work on the project in your own time. Free to enter and so many opportunities to come of it
Location – Various
DetailsMelb Datathon

Sprout Hackathon, 26-27 July

Running in partnership with ANZ and Google, Cognizant has designed this hack for you to work on the latest tech from Google! Come along, hack some ideas, and meet cool peeps.
Location – Cognizant HQ
DetailsSprout Hackathon

UNIHACK, 28-29 July

This is the big one! UNIHACK is back again. If you’re an enrolled student, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to build your portfolio, learn from others, and have an amazing time (wish I was a student again!). There’s one in Sydney too.
Grand Prize – $4,000 cash
Location – Telstra Innovation Lab
DetailsUNIHACK 2018

RMIT IoT Hackathon, 30 August-1 September

This one is only for RMIT students, and it’s already sold out. But there’s a waitlist. Word on the street is they’re looking for a larger space so put your name down now. RMIT is teaming up with Leap and a bunch of cool sponsors to bring this hackathon to its students. If you’re an RMIT student, sign up now!
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – RMIT City Campus
DetailsThingworx Hacks

Hack the City, 6-7 September

Spotless Hack is back, and they’ve teamed up with Downer to bring you Hack the City. Solve real challenges around sustainability, waste, energy efficiency, data, infrastructure and more. Everyone is welcome, and I’ll be running workshops and mentoring! Come say hi.
Grand Prize – $10,000 cash
Location – York Butter Factory
DetailsDowner & Spotless

GovHack, 7-9 September

GovHack is back! And all over Australia. There’s hacks running in pretty much every state. Check the website for announcements, but lock in the date now!
Grand Prize – TBA
Location – Telstra Innovation Lab
DetailsGovHack Victoria

Qtum Hackathon, July-21st September

Get your virtual shoes on and hack with some of the top devs in the world! There’s heaps of prizes on offer including cash, travel, and more!
Grand Prize – $150K USD
Location – Virtual
DetailsQtum Hack

Call for Code, 14th September

Solve some of the world’s biggest problems, with one of the biggest companies in the world. Join up with teammates all over the world and submit your ideas to solve natural disasters.
Grand Prize – Check the website for updates
Location – Virtual
DetailsCall for Code

Everitoken, 12th September-28th October

Another massive virtual hackathon. How can you apply ideas to the “tokenization economy”. There’s lots of epic prizes up for grabs.
Grand Prize – Check the website for updates
Location – Virtual

Agitech X FinTech Hackathon, 5-7 October

REA and Girls in Tech have teamed up to change the world. Get together with devs, sales people, creatives, entrepreneurs, and whoever wants to make change!
Grand Prize – $2000 cash plus more
– The Goods Shed

Catalyst, 5-7 October

Run by the Melbourne Uni IT society, this event is sure to be epic. It’s a social entrepreneurship hackathon. Both high school students and uni students will be teaming up to Empower Education.
Grand Prize – $2000 cash
– Melbourne University

Hack for Humanity, 13-14 October

REA and Girls in Tech have teamed up to change the world. Get together with devs, sales people, creatives, entrepreneurs, and whoever wants to make change!
Location – REA Group
DetailsHacking for Humanity

TADHack, 13-14 October

Lucky Melbourians – we have two hackathons to choose from. They are both for everyone! TADhack is focused on telecomms, IoT, cloud computing, robotics, blockchian, encryption and lots of other teleco technologies. If this is your area, don’t miss out!
Prizes – Lots of cash
Location – Telstra Innovation Lab

Future of Transport, 16-17 November

Who wants to hack a tram? Well, sorta. This hackathon is all about the future of transport. Come along and work on some cool futuristic stuff
Prizes – TBC
Location – EnergyLab Melbourne
DetailsFuture of Transport

#TestFestVic, 30 Nov – 2 Dec

Hackers, hustlers, and hipsters, work together to create inventions to help HIV testing. Make a real difference in the world.
Grand Prize – $10,000 cash
Location – The Peter Doherty Institute

Superhack, 1-2 December

Girls it’s time for Superhack again. School teams will register their students for this awesome hackathon. Work with uni students to create real change in the world. Best way to start off your young careers!
Location – Melbourne Uni, School of Eng