The Goods Shed first Hackathon

The Cross Border Hackathon was the first run at the Goods Shed North. The Shed is now open to a multitude of businesses and startups making, for a fantastic co-working space.


Rick Kelly’s Epic Weekend

2017 was the year of Dunlop's trail of blown tires, Chaz's fine after "excessive burnouts", and an insane number of penalties. What some fans called a spectacle, was others' idea of a disaster. 2018 was anything but, with clean racing, Rick Kelly's 500th start, and Nissan's double podium finish.

Why isn’t Esports ‘big’ in Australia?

Australia is a great place to be, it's got an amazing sporting culture, so why isn't esports big here? This was a question posed to the industry recently. People are coming in from overseas and seeing how successful esports is there, trying to replicate it, and not getting the same results. So why is it … Continue reading Why isn’t Esports ‘big’ in Australia?

Big Australian University hosts major Esports Tournament

Melbourne Uni opened their doors for the Australia Esports Federation’s DOTA 2 Championship The University of Melbourne is known for its prestigious academic achievements and high-ranking sporting titles. As Australia’s number one university, and a number of University Games championships under its belt, it’s interesting therefore that the uni decided to branch out into new … Continue reading Big Australian University hosts major Esports Tournament