Etihad plays host to esports

Last weekend, Etihad opened up its doors to a new kind of sport... video game car racing We all know our sporting stadiums draw large crowds. From cricket, to footy, to music concerts and more, but how many people have been into one for competitive video gaming? Unless you're in the esports world, this whole … Continue reading Etihad plays host to esports


Hacks, hacks, and more hackathons

It's almost the end of the year and the end of weekend gone marks my 50th hackathon! it's been a wild ride so here's my take on the past few hacks I've been to. Up North With all the random Melbourne weather, a couple of weeks ago I headed up to Sydney. The past few … Continue reading Hacks, hacks, and more hackathons

Esports comes to Motorsport – REALLY

Okay so we've already seen esports in Motor-racing, there was the Formula-E in Vegas, Supercars are doing something, and there's FORZA's and GT's competitions... but you haven't seen anything like this before. Full motion, Virtual Reality racing! That's what is here... today! I'm super proud and excited to announce that I've been working with Motum … Continue reading Esports comes to Motorsport – REALLY

Hackathons and Incubators

Following the success of the #SheHacks hackathon in July, Girl Geek Academy hosted the world's largest female incubator program. Saturday night saw the celebration of the #SheHacks program with a lovely cocktail function; complete with cupcakes of course. After some networking, the formal proceedings of the evening kicked off with Sarah Moran from Girl Geek … Continue reading Hackathons and Incubators