Technology Overload!

Unlike overclocking your CPU, overloading your memory with too much tech can be... well, AMAZING! As well as draining. Over the last few weeks, it's been an absolutely crazy ride. There has been so much going on. From my last post on Project Cars 2, I've spoken at the AutoDesk roadshow, been on a panel … Continue reading Technology Overload!

hackathons, Hackathons, HACKTHONS!!!

That's right, it's hackathon season. We've already had a bunch of hackathons with more on the horizon. Yep, there are a ridiculous number of hackathons happening at the moment. There's the NASA Space Apps Challenge kicking off in Melbourne today, with three hackathons in the city alone next weekend. Before we get really busy with … Continue reading hackathons, Hackathons, HACKTHONS!!!

2017 kicks off with a bang

We're not even past Q1 of 2017 and people are saying "when's Christmas?" This year has already been jam packed with events, conferences, work functions, meetups, and hackathons have even kicked off. Almost every second person I talk to says they're working like it's the end of the year and the holiday break is on … Continue reading 2017 kicks off with a bang