Sunshine, Students and Speeches; CompCon2015 has it all

CompCon2015 kicked off last weekend at the University of Queensland After running from CodeBrew to VT League, jumping on a plane, playing UniGames, staying up all night and catching a train to Brisbane, I found myself at Queensland Uni for the National Computing Students Conference. Did I mention I was MCing this conference? Before I dive into … Continue reading Sunshine, Students and Speeches; CompCon2015 has it all

What in the world is a hackathon?

Welcome to Hacking 101, first lesson – defining hackathons When someone says the word “hackathon” a few things might come to mind; security, breaking into things, coding, developing… these are some of the buzzwords surrounding this growing phenomenon. Working at so many hackathons over the last few months has allowed me to fully explain what … Continue reading What in the world is a hackathon?

The Hat-trick of Masterclasses

It was a triple treat last week with three Masterclasses in a row Last Monday was the first ever University of Melbourne Compass Masterclass on Innovative Solutions to Poverty. Elliot Costello, the co-founder and CEO of YGAP gave some inspiring stories about his startup journey in the social entrepreneurial space. One of the things that really … Continue reading The Hat-trick of Masterclasses