Sunshine and blue skies welcomes VASC to The Bend

The Bend opened it's doors for the first time to the Supercars Beautiful weather, sunshine, green grass, and smiles all around marked the first Supercars event at The Bend. The Bend Motorsport Park has only been open for a matter of months. The Park began construction in 2016 and was completed in April this … Continue reading Sunshine and blue skies welcomes VASC to The Bend

Esports comes to Motorsport – REALLY

Okay so we've already seen esports in Motor-racing, there was the Formula-E in Vegas, Supercars are doing something, and there's FORZA's and GT's competitions... but you haven't seen anything like this before. Full motion, Virtual Reality racing! That's what is here... today! I'm super proud and excited to announce that I've been working with Motum … Continue reading Esports comes to Motorsport – REALLY